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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shows up outside Harry's window after Harry has been locked in his room?
(a) Dobby
(b) Ron Weasley
(c) Hermione
(d) Dumbledore

2. What does Uncle Vernon say the Masons know about Harry?
(a) Very little
(b) Absolutely nothing
(c) More than Vernon wanted to tell
(d) Everything magic

3. How many letters has Harry received from his friends over the holidays?
(a) A Few
(b) Too many to count
(c) None
(d) Several

4. What important item does Harry almost forget until it makes noise?
(a) His phone
(b) Hedwig
(c) An enchanted spell book
(d) His gameboy

5. What is Harry given to eat before the Masons arrive?
(a) Leftovers
(b) Two pieces of bread and a lump of cheese
(c) A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
(d) Moldy bread and a glass of water

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Fred and George tell Harry about a House Elf's power?

2. What does Dobby say he will have to do later as punishment to himself for coming to see Harry?

3. What lives in their attic according to Ron?

4. What comes into the house that terrifies the Masons?

5. What does Dobby tell Harry he must not do?

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