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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Aunt Petunia put Harry to work with the threat of no food until he is done?
(a) He yelled at Dudley.
(b) He was flying his broom in the house.
(c) He ate a piece of pie early.
(d) He pretended to cast a spell on Dudley.

2. How do Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts?
(a) In the magical flying car.
(b) Brooms
(c) A giant bird
(d) A taxi cab

3. While the car is beginning to fall to earth, Ron lets go of the wheel to get ____________ out of his back pocket.
(a) A magic jelly bean
(b) His flying dust
(c) His cell phone
(d) His magic wand

4. What do the boys say about a family that would be able to own a House Elf?
(a) It would be evil.
(b) It would be unkind.
(c) It would be rich.
(d) It would be lazy.

5. What does Hagrid say he is looking for in Knockturn Alley?
(a) Snake Skin Repellent
(b) New Dancing Shoes
(c) Flesh-Eatin' Slug Repellent
(d) Maddening Wasp Repellent

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Ron and Harry try to get to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters?

2. Why does Dobby tell Harry he has come to talk to him?

3. What happens that causes Harry to mispronounce Diagon Alley?

4. How do Fred and George get to Harry's magic items that have been locked up in the cupboard?

5. What kind of elf is Dobby?

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