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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dobby tell Harry he must not do?
(a) Leave the Dursley house.
(b) Go back to Hogwarts
(c) Stand on one foot with his finger in his ear.
(d) Stop his magic learning.

2. To what do Fred and George feed a Filibuster firework?
(a) Salamander
(b) Turtle
(c) A teacher
(d) Horse

3. Who do Harry, Ron and Hermione find petrified when they follow the voice that Harry hears?
(a) A spider
(b) Dumbledore's bird
(c) Mrs. Norris, the cat
(d) Hagrid's dog

4. What does Harry ask Dobby that causes Dobby to cry?
(a) To leave quietly
(b) To explain why he is there
(c) To sit down
(d) To give him some money.

5. What are Harry and Ron supposed to be turning their beetles into in Transfiguration class?
(a) Candy
(b) Tap dancing beetles
(c) Buttons
(d) Napkins

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Harry see in the shop where he is accidentally transported?

2. What does Ron get during breakfast from his mother?

3. What wakes Harry up while he is in the hospital wing?

4. Why does Colin Creevey say that he wants to take Harry's picture?

5. How long does Hermione tell Ron and Harry it will be before they can have the Polyjuice Potion ready?

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