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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nearly Headless Nick ask Harry to do as a favor?
(a) Find him a date
(b) See if he can find a spell to remove the last part of his head
(c) Show up at his Deathday party
(d) Speak with the leaders of the Headless Hunt

2. What does Dobby pull out of his clothing that belongs to Harry?
(a) Letters from his friends
(b) His favorite dance videos
(c) Pictures of his parents
(d) Books

3. What comes into the house that terrifies the Masons?
(a) A cat
(b) A rabid wolf
(c) An owl
(d) A dog

4. What does Dumbledore say the petrified student proves?
(a) The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again.
(b) Someone in the school is trying to kill Muggle-born students.
(c) The Chamber of Secrets is real.
(d) There is no reason to worry.

5. What happens that causes Harry to mispronounce Diagon Alley?
(a) He gets nervous and stutters.
(b) He sneezes from the powder.
(c) He remembers his socks do not match.
(d) He coughs after geting hot ash in his mouth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What chases Harry at the Quidditch game and knocks him off his broom?

2. At what has Gilderoy Lockhart claimed he is better than Professor Sprout?

3. Why does Gilderoy Lockhart think that Harry flew the car to Hogwarts?

4. What letter does Harry find on the desk of Argus Filch?

5. What does Ron say, to tease Harry, that Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevey might start?

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