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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives and tells Ron and Harry the password to enter Gryffindor Tower?
(a) Neville Longbottom
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Lee Jordan
(d) Hermione

2. Who does Professor McGonagall take Harry and Ron to see?
(a) A petrified Hermione
(b) A petrified Dumbledore
(c) A petrified Hagrid
(d) A petrified Tom Riddle

3. What does Professor Snape suggest Harry should be restricted from until he tells the truth about the cat?
(a) Afternoon activities
(b) Spell casting
(c) Quidditch matches
(d) Lunch

4. What does Professor McGonagall say into the megaphone when she steps out onto the Quidditch field?
(a) Professor Dumbledore is sick.
(b) That she has made a bet on the game.
(c) The game has been canceled.
(d) That the school is closing.

5. What was turned into a spider that causes Ron to have a fear of them?
(a) His underwear
(b) His teddy bear
(c) His birthday cake
(d) His bike

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Weasley install on the car in case they want to fly it?

2. While the car is beginning to fall to earth, Ron lets go of the wheel to get ____________ out of his back pocket.

3. What is found on the floor near Hermione's petrified body?

4. What does Ron tell Harry the definition of a Squib is?

5. Who catches Ron, Hermione and Harry coming out of the girls' bathroom where Moaning Myrtle stays?

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