Daily Lessons for Teaching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Daily Lessons

Objective: While Harry Potter is written in a fairly straightforward style, there are bound to be some words that students don't immediately recognize. The objective of his lesson is to promote student reading comprehension.

1) 1. Open a discussion: Ask students to select a word from the previous night's reading that they didn't immediately understand. How did the student come to understand the meaning of that word? Talk about word comprehension methods and the need to understand what is being read.
2. Use the word "Muggles" as an example of a word that is specific to this particular piece of literature. Although this word is unlikely to be found in any other literary work, is it acceptable for writers to use words such as this? Is it possible that "Muggles" could become an accepted word because of the use in this book? Have students list other words or catch phrases...

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