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The Marianas Trench

At 6.8 miles in depth, this is the deepest place on the planet Earth, and is metaphorical for the protagonist's illness.

Challenger Deep

This location, at 6.8 miles in depth, metaphorically signifies the deepest extent of the protagonist’s mental illness. Only upon reaching the very bottom of this setting does the protagonist come to recognize the first trigger for his mental illness.


This is employed as a means to return the protagonist's brain functions to normal and to help him gather the mental strength to overcome his illness.


This product of the protagonist's creation is symbolic of his descent into mental illness and reflects that mental state to those around him.

Art supplies

These objects in the novel symbolize a return to normalcy when he is allowed to use them at Seaview. They are a means for his expression.

Donation Funnel

This object is...

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