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Pirate Ship

The pirate ship that is featured in Challenger Deep comes from the imagination of the protagonist, Caden Bosch. Create a model of a pirate ship that reflects Caden's vision of the ship in the novel.


In Challenger Deep, Caden mirrors the people from his reality in his imaginary world on the pirate ship. Develop a characterization from someone in your life as you would imagine them on a pirate ship.


Maps figure largely in the narrative of Challenger Deep, particularly in the character of Hal/the navigator. Develop a map that indicates where the pirate ship travels in the story. Where is the Marianas Trench located?


Metaphor is one of the most prominent literary devices employed in Challenger Deep. Caden's story on the pirate ship is a metaphor for his struggles to overcome mental illness in the real world. Create a short story...

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