Challenger Deep Character Descriptions

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Caden Bosch

This character is the 15-year-old protagonist and narrator of Challenger Deep. In the course of his sophomore year in high school, he succumbs to a never-named mental illness which slowly manifests over time.

The Captain

This character is the source and harbinger of the mental illness that the protagonist suffers. He leads the protagonist on a journey to the Marianas Trench on a ship populated by mirror images of people and things that the protagonist knows from real life.

Dr. Poirot

This character is the psychiatrist in charge of the protagonist's unit at Seaview Memorial Hospital, and is seen in mirror image as a security parrot in the protagonist’s imagined world.


This character is a beautiful, gentle African-American girl who is a patient at Seaview Memorial Hospital, where she spends most of her days in the Vista Room watching the outside world. She is reflected...

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