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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Isabel get out of her room?

2. What does Lady Seymour say many people believe is the Christian thing to do?

3. How has Isabel's situation improved?

4. Of what crime is Isabel accused?

5. What does Isabel see when she is branded?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens at Isabel's trial, and what is the outcome of the trial?

2. Where is Isabel when she is finally is alert after her branding, and why can't Isabel stay there?

3. What gives Isabel a chance to go to the prison more easily?

4. Why is there more work for Isabel after British invade New York City?

5. How does Isabel learn about Curzon being in prison and about the conditions of the prison?

6. What does Madam Lockton order Isabel to do when the British invade New York City?

7. What happens when Isabel wakes the morning after eating the cookies and milk when she looks for Ruth?

8. What does Isabel hear other slaves speaking of concerning the Loyalists?

9. What does Lady Semour request that infuriates Madam Lockton?

10. How does Isabel feel towards and treat Curzon?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many readers of fiction place themselves in the position of one character, wondering if they would do the same thing as that character. Discuss the following:

1. Do you think one of the values of literature is to serve as a reflection of oneself? Why or why not?

2. Socrates said "Know thyself." How can reading a book such as "Chains" help a reader to know him/herself? Do you find yourself reflecting on your own character and abilities when reading "Chains"? Why or why not.

3. Choose one specific incident in "Chains" to discuss and compare one of the characters' response to how you think you would respond.

Essay Topic 2

Often, authors will write about "what they know," and sometimes knowing a little about the author makes the books more interesting. Discuss the following:

1. Research and write a brief biographical sketch of Laurie Halse Anderson.

2. What in Anderson's background may have helped her in writing "Chains"? What may have influenced the way she depicts various characters and scenes?

3. Do you think there is always some of the author's own life in his/her novels? Why or why not? Give examples.

Essay Topic 3

Characters are an integral and important part of almost all novels. Discuss the following:

1. Compare/contrast the characters of Isabel and Curzon. How are they similar? How are they different? Is there a flaw in each of their personalities? Be specific and give examples.

2. Compare/contrast the characters of Lady Seymour and Madam Lockton. How do they seem different? Which do you like more? Why? Which one seems more of a well-rounded character?

3. Thoroughly analyze how three of the secondary characters in "Chains" help drive the plot and what their contribution is to the storyline. Are any of the secondary characters unnecessary? Indispensable? Which of the secondary characters are likable? Which are either unlikable or even despicable? Be specific and give examples.

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