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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pleads for the girls' welfare?
(a) The tavern owner.
(b) Miss Finch's gardener.
(c) The baker's wife.
(d) Pastor Weeks.

2. Who is Curzon?
(a) One of the soldiers who is searching the ship's hold.
(b) A young man who is enamored of Madam Lockton's daughter.
(c) A slave boy who offers to show Isabel the way to the water hole.
(d) A slave boy who offers to show Isabel the way to the bakery.

3. How does Madam Lockton say she hit her head?
(a) Spilled candle wax.
(b) Falling down the steps.
(c) Tripping over the rug.
(d) Slipping on water in the kitchen.

4. What does Isabel whisper outside the window at Bellingham's home?
(a) Everything she heard Lockton and his guests saying.
(b) That the Lockton's plan to flee to England soon.
(c) That the Lockton's are not Loyalists.
(d) That she will give information for a guarantee of freedom.

5. Who is Bellingham's slave?
(a) He does not keep slaves.
(b) David.
(c) Curzon.
(d) Curzon's entire family.

6. Who is a new addition to the Loyalist's meeting at the Lockton?
(a) Aaron Burr.
(b) The chief constable of New York.
(c) General Tarkington.
(d) The Mayor of New York.

7. How does Mrs. Lockton amuse her friends?
(a) By playing the harpsichord for them.
(b) By singing for them.
(c) By making Ruth dance like a monkey.
(d) By having the twin slave boys do a tumbling act.

8. Where does Isabel hope the soldiers will search?
(a) The flour bin.
(b) The linen chest.
(c) The armoire.
(d) The pantry.

9. What does Isabel learn was in Madam Lockton's underwear chest?
(a) A letter from King George.
(b) A number of letters of correspondence between the Locktons and powerful political figures in England.
(c) Authorization for money from the royal treasury to purchase weapons.
(d) Paper currency for financing the Loyalist cause.

10. Who are Isabel and Ruth?
(a) Cousins who are at Mary Finch's funeral.
(b) Mary Finch's nieces.
(c) Two daughters of the local inn keeper.
(d) The slaves of Mary Finch.

11. About what do Lockton's guests speak openly?
(a) Their Loyalists ties.
(b) Their getting slaves illegally.
(c) The various illegal financial activities in which they engage.
(d) Their desire for independence from England.

12. Who does Lockton put the blame upon for the search of his home?
(a) Inkstained.
(b) The Mayor of New York.
(c) Isabel.
(d) His wife.

13. Why is Isabel devastated during the search of the Lockton's home?
(a) The money is no longer in the linen chest.
(b) The soldiers are not being very thorough.
(c) The Locktons seem completely unconcerned.
(d) Isabel is treated roughly by Bellingham.

14. Who has already been bribed to turn a blind eye to an assassin?
(a) A member of the Life Guards.
(b) The Captain of security for the rebel forces.
(c) The under-Captain of security for the rebel forces.
(d) One of Jefferson's bodyguards.

15. What does Miss Finch's nephew say about Miss Finch's will?
(a) It cannot be found.
(b) Miss Finch changed her will leaving Ruth and Isabel to her nephew.
(c) It is being contested.
(d) It says nothing about setting Isabel and Ruth free.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what do the Loyalists want money?

2. Why does Mr. Lockton insist Madam Lockton stay behind?

3. What does Mrs. Lockton believe of Ruth?

4. What does Curzon promise Isabel?

5. What astounds Isabel about what she hears from Lockton's guests?

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