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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: Chapters XI - XV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Madam Lockton send Isabel into a secretive meeting Mr. Lockton is conducting?
(a) To remind Mr. Lockton about his being under suspicion already.
(b) To ask Mr. Lockton to come out of the meeting for a moment.
(c) To learn what is going on in the meeting.
(d) To serve refreshments.

2. Who is Curzon?
(a) One of the soldiers who is searching the ship's hold.
(b) A young man who is enamored of Madam Lockton's daughter.
(c) A slave boy who offers to show Isabel the way to the bakery.
(d) A slave boy who offers to show Isabel the way to the water hole.

3. How does Becky say is the best way to stay safe?
(a) Try to anticipate Mrs. Lockton's needs ahead of time.
(b) Stay away from the Locktons as much as possible.
(c) Compliment Mrs. Lockton as often as possible.
(d) Be seen and not heard.

4. What is significant about this day for Isabel and Ruth?
(a) They are to be adopted by a Quaker couple in Pennsylvania.
(b) They are to be set free.
(c) They are going to live with their mother in Canada.
(d) They are going to be adopted by Mary Finch.

5. From what illness does Ruth suffer?
(a) Bad heart.
(b) Blindness.
(c) Consumption.
(d) Epilepsy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What astounds Isabel about what she hears from Lockton's guests?

2. What is significant about the day the novel opens?

3. Who are the Life Guards?

4. Where does Becky obtain most of her gossipy news?

5. Who are the Locktons?

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