Chains Character Descriptions

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Isabel Gardener / Isabel Finch / Isabel Lockton / Sal Lockto

This character is an intelligent, bold girl who knows that she was not born to be a slave and that she is deserving of a life lived in freedom.

Madam Anne Lockton

This character is fiercely loyal to the king and is abused at times by her spouse.


This character suffers from epilepsy.


Isabel's first and only true friend in New York.

Elihu Lockton

An unpredictable, violent man who is prone to outbursts of screaming and beating his wife.

Miss Mary Finch

Isabel's original owner in Rhode Island.


The tavern owner in Rhode Island who attempts to purchase Isabel and Ruth to prevent them being sold back into slavery.


Curzon's owner and a member of the Patriot Army.

Becky Berry

The head servant at the Lockton home.

Lady Seymour

Elihu Lockton's wealthy aunt.


The old...

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