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Seymour Hersh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Taliban had seized power in Afghanistan in what year?
(a) 1997.
(b) 1998.
(c) 1996.
(d) 1995.

2. The Saudi royal family has been linked to money supporting what?
(a) Terror groups.
(b) Islamic schools.
(c) Pakistani rebels.
(d) Fundamentalist groups.

3. When did the C.I.A. present President Bush with information that Pakistan was sharing nuclear information with North Korea?
(a) 2000.
(b) 2001.
(c) 2003.
(d) 2002.

4. When did information arrive saying that Niger was providing uranium to Iraq?
(a) Fall 2004.
(b) Fall 2002.
(c) Fall 2003.
(d) Fall 2005.

5. What is another name for uranium ore?
(a) Yellowpad.
(b) Yellowcake.
(c) Yellowbake.
(d) Yellowmix.

6. The book claims that the Bush Administration used what type of intelligence, to link Iraq with Al Qaeda and make the war happen?
(a) Faked intelligence.
(b) Insignificant intelligence.
(c) False intelligence.
(d) Misleading intelligence.

7. One of the documents used to support the Iraq-Niger connection was dated October 10, 2000 and signed by a person that had been out of office since when?
(a) 1992.
(b) 1990.
(c) 1999.
(d) 1989.

8. How did members of the C.I.A. describe their assassination programs in Vietnam during the war?
(a) Out of control.
(b) Competent.
(c) Beneficial.
(d) Results-driven.

9. What field are two-thirds of Saudi Ph.D's in?
(a) Engineering.
(b) Religious history.
(c) Islamic studies.
(d) Military science.

10. Hussein had used what type of banned weapons in the past?
(a) Land mines.
(b) Nuclear.
(c) Chemical.
(d) Military.

11. When did the Iranians admit they had produced small quantities of plutonium and uranium?
(a) October 2003.
(b) June 2003.
(c) December 2003.
(d) February 2003.

12. The Pakistani intelligence agency is called what?
(a) I.P.I
(b) I.S.I.
(c) I.R.I.
(d) I.M.I.

13. Which government does not want a Kurdish state?
(a) Pakistan.
(b) Iran.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) Turkey.

14. Who was the Undersecretary of Defense of Intelligence in 2004?
(a) Boykin.
(b) Franklin.
(c) Cambone.
(d) Largentine.

15. The prevailing opinion was that Baathist insurgents could only be dealt with by using what?
(a) Unconventional methods.
(b) Kidnappings.
(c) Assassinations..
(d) Remote surveillance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rumsfeld said that four army divisions would be what?

2. Dr. A. Q. Khan said that he dealt black market nuclear materials to whom?

3. President Bush mentioned the uranium deal with Niger in what speech?

4. The strict adherence to Islam in Saudi Arabia is known as what?

5. Who did not like the C.I.A.'s dismissal of the SISMI report about Iraq attempting to purchase uranium ore?

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