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Seymour Hersh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By late 2003, there was an escalation of the covert war in Iraq using who?
(a) Navy Seals.
(b) U.S. Army Rangers.
(c) Marine Recon.
(d) Special Forces.

2. Who fought against the Americans, when planning thought they would fight with the Americans?
(a) Shiite groups in the south.
(b) Shiite groups in the north.
(c) Shiite groups in the west.
(d) Shiite groups in the east.

3. Who headed the Office of Special Plans?
(a) Luti and Shansky.
(b) Luti and Shulsky.
(c) Luti and Smith.
(d) Luti and Sharkanly.

4. What percentage increase did the Special Forces budget receive in 2004 over the 2003 levels?
(a) 29%
(b) 38%
(c) 26%
(d) 34%

5. Who did not make much of a challenge when Congress signed the Intelligence Committee Report?
(a) Democrats.
(b) Intelligence agencies.
(c) Republicans.
(d) Defense Department.

6. Rumsfeld wanted the operations in Iraq streamlined based on what?
(a) C.I.A. projections.
(b) Pentagon estimates.
(c) Special Planning team operations.
(d) The first Gulf War.

7. One of the documents used to support the Iraq-Niger connection was dated October 10, 2000 and signed by a person that had been out of office since when?
(a) 1989.
(b) 1990.
(c) 1992.
(d) 1999.

8. Killing the leaders of the insurgency would not work because why?
(a) It was run with the leaders as figureheads.
(b) The leaders didn't matter to the insurgency.
(c) The leaders weren't the true planners of the insurgency.
(d) It was run from the bottom up.

9. The book claims that the Bush Administration used what type of intelligence, to link Iraq with Al Qaeda and make the war happen?
(a) Faked intelligence.
(b) Insignificant intelligence.
(c) False intelligence.
(d) Misleading intelligence.

10. Who is the ex-Israeli prime minister that told Dick Cheney that the U.S. could not win the occupation in Iraq?
(a) Ehud Jacobson.
(b) Ehud Davies.
(c) Ehud Barak.
(d) Ehud Imali.

11. In the wake of 9/11, what became the buzzword to describe the level of confidence that an attack would occur?
(a) Actionable intelligence.
(b) Actionable information.
(c) Reliable information.
(d) Reliable intelligence.

12. When did the U.S. challenge North Korea diplomatically about stopping all nuclear operations?
(a) March 2002.
(b) July 2002.
(c) October 2002.
(d) January 2002.

13. What event did a majority of Americans believe Hussein was linked to, even though there was no real evidence about it?
(a) Chemical attacks on the subway.
(b) Bombing of the embassy.
(c) September 11.
(d) Invasion of Kuwait.

14. Who questioned the wisdom of killing Al Qaeda members without judicial process?
(a) Special courts.
(b) Special judges.
(c) Special Forces.
(d) Special lawyers.

15. Who did the Special Plans team want to discredit?
(a) D.I.A.
(b) O.S.S.
(c) C.I.A.
(d) F.B.I.

Short Answer Questions

1. In December 2003, President Bush and who announced that Libya would allow nuclear inspections?

2. What was the pentagon's first reaction when there were supply-line and reinforcement issues during the first week of the Iraq war?

3. Legal experts were not questioning the legal aspects of assassination, but the ______ of such a policy.

4. Musharraf has presided over Pakistan since when?

5. The prevailing opinion was that Baathist insurgents could only be dealt with by using what?

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