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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tayo say one has to know in order to get to the moon?
(a) The directions there
(b) If one really wants to get there
(c) How many ways there are of arriving there
(d) How to speak the man in the moon's language

2. Why does Tayo shake the branches on the tree outside Ts’eh’s house?
(a) To make a pattern for divination
(b) To get the blanket off a branch
(c) To get the snow off so the branches do not break
(d) To watch the snow fall

3. What type of tool does Tayo carry with him when he is looking for the cattle?
(a) Roofing hatchet
(b) Hunting knife
(c) Wire dykes
(d) Fencing pliers

4. When does Lalo retire and close his bar?
(a) During the war
(b) Right before the war starts
(c) After the war
(d) He still has the bar

5. Where is Thought-Woman sitting in the opening poem?
(a) On top of a mountain
(b) In her room
(c) Under a tree
(d) In a creek bed

6. What does Ts’eh tell Tayo where the cattle are located ask him when he first comes to her house?
(a) If the cattle belong to him
(b) If he is a war veteran
(c) Who sent him
(d) If he is an alcoholic

7. How does Ts’eh match up plants and stones when she is sorting them on her table?
(a) By patterns
(b) By color
(c) By size
(d) By texture

8. What does Ku'oosh place on Tayo’s stomach before he leaves?
(a) A bundle of tea leaves
(b) A bag of tobacco
(c) Two ears of corn
(d) A rattlesnake skin

9. What does Tayo do when Emo keeps talking about killing Japanese?
(a) He leaves the bar
(b) He knifes Emo in the arm
(c) He smashes a beer bottle over Emo’s head
(d) He jumps up and calls Emo a killer

10. What is the name of the Apache sheepherder Auntie has?
(a) White Cloud
(b) Mike
(c) Geronimo
(d) Daniel

11. What is the tribe of the woman who is in the truck with Harley and Leroy when they stop and pick up Tayo?
(a) Pawnee or Prince Nez
(b) Navajo or Seminole
(c) Mohawk or Cherokee
(d) Apache or Ute

12. What does "she" say is the only cure in the four-line poem, "What She Said"?
(a) Hope
(b) A good Ceremony
(c) Love
(d) Sleep

13. Who bought the Ford coupe that Tayo’s friends pick him up in to go to the bar?
(a) Leroy
(b) Harley
(c) Emo
(d) Tayo

14. What does Helen Jean do for a living in her hometown before she moves to Gallup?
(a) Hotel maid
(b) Cook for a missionary
(c) Bartender
(d) Waitress

15. What did all the Navajos do in the white school when the teacher brought out a tub of dead frogs to dissect?
(a) Stood up and left the room
(b) Tipped the tub over
(c) Start singing a chant
(d) Stood up and turned their backs to the tub

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Harley when he left the sheep he was watching and left his horse tied by the road?

2. What does the old Mexican man bring Tayo when Tayo is at the café?

3. What does the army recruiter tell Tayo and Rocky about joining the military?

4. What does Emo suggests the men do since they fought a white man’s war and still are stuck on a dried up reservation?

5. Into what mountains does Tayo, the medicine man, and Shush ride?

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