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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the medicine man’s residence called?
(a) A teepee
(b) A larga
(c) A hogan
(d) He lives in a cave

2. What does Auntie tell Tayo and Old Grandma is the way that Pinkie dies?
(a) Emo shoots him in the back of the head
(b) Leroy stabbed him in the heart
(c) He is hit by a car
(d) Pinkie does not get killed

3. What was the woman Josiah visits called when she was a dancer?
(a) Black Beauty
(b) Lady Wind
(c) Black Swan
(d) Spin Legs

4. What type of tool does Tayo carry with him when he is looking for the cattle?
(a) Fencing pliers
(b) Roofing hatchet
(c) Wire dykes
(d) Hunting knife

5. What does Josiah and Robert do to the deer while Rocky is gutting it?
(a) Cut off its head
(b) Nothing
(c) Skin it
(d) Sprinkle cornmeal in its nose

6. What does Auntie take from Tayo when he is a small boy and will not return to him?
(a) A letter from his mother
(b) A picture of his father
(c) The name and address of his father
(d) A picture of his mother

7. What do the doctors say is the cause of battle fatigue?
(a) Malnourishment
(b) Seeing others killed
(c) The noise of gunfire and bombs
(d) They do not know what causes it

8. What does Tayo dream about the night he sleeps with Ts’eh?
(a) The cattle
(b) The woman
(c) His mother
(d) Rocky

9. Who bootlegs beer to the Indians?
(a) The Red Rooster Tavern
(b) Petricia
(c) Lalo
(d) Stan Blackburn

10. What happens to the willows in the arroyo?
(a) Drunk men chopped them down
(b) Nothing
(c) A flash flood up roots them
(d) They are burned up when a streak of lightning hits them

11. What does the medicine man say the white doctors do with the dead in the mental hospitals?
(a) Burn them
(b) Keep them in a room and talk to them
(c) Bury them
(d) Dissect them

12. With what does the medicine man cut Tayo’s head?
(a) A piece of flint
(b) A broken bottle
(c) His hunting knife
(d) His pocketknife

13. According to the poem "Ceremony" at the beginning of the book, what tries to destroy the stories?
(a) Evil
(b) Humans
(c) Lies
(d) Assumptions

14. Where do Harley and Tayo pick up a ride after they leave the spring?
(a) On the Acoma Road
(b) At Harley’s house
(c) Nowhere, they are riding
(d) Near the edge of the desert barrio

15. For what is Reed Woman scolded by her sister?
(a) Dancing all night
(b) Sleeping all day
(c) Singing during the sacred
(d) Bathing all day

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal went to the mother of the people during a drought and asked forgiveness for the people?

2. What is unusual about the pine tree where Tayo makes a hole in the fence where his cattle are located?

3. Why does Tayo shake the branches on the tree outside Ts’eh’s house?

4. Why is Tayo happy it starts snowing the morning after his encounter with the fence patrol?

5. Why does Josiah’s mistress leave the village?

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