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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the medicine man do when Tayo wakes and the medicine man sits down with Tayo?
(a) Tayo does not sleep after the Ceremony
(b) Tayo does not see the medicine man after the Ceremony
(c) Rolls a cigarette and smokes
(d) Fills a peace pipe and passes it to Tayo

2. How does Ts’eh have Tayo’s cattle corralled?
(a) Her cattle dog herded them
(b) She sung them calm then put them in her corral
(c) She enticed them with hay
(d) They ran into a arroyo with a dead end

3. Who can help the man who believes he is a coyote, according to Indian legend?
(a) Witchery from a chief’s daughter
(b) Ingesting peyote with a priest
(c) Any medicine man
(d) The four old bear people

4. What is the name of the Apache sheepherder Auntie has?
(a) Mike
(b) White Cloud
(c) Daniel
(d) Geronimo

5. What does Tayo do right before Rocky begins to dress a deer they killed in a hunt?
(a) Start crying
(b) Walks away
(c) Covers the deer’s head with his jacket
(d) Pulls up long grass and covers the deer’s head

6. What does Tayo do when Emo keeps talking about killing Japanese?
(a) He smashes a beer bottle over Emo’s head
(b) He knifes Emo in the arm
(c) He jumps up and calls Emo a killer
(d) He leaves the bar

7. What does the medicine man tell Tayo about the Japanese?
(a) They were related to the Indians 30,000 years ago
(b) He does not mention the Japanese
(c) They are part of the white sickness
(d) They are pushed to war by bad spirits

8. What does Tayo tell Ku'oosh about Tayo’s experience in the war?
(a) He refuses to talk about the war at all
(b) He never killed one enemy
(c) He watched his best friend die
(d) He killed too many innocent people

9. What do the old singers send to Descheeny?
(a) Any animal who is injured
(b) Boxes of tobacco
(c) Bottles of liquor
(d) Patients they cannot cure

10. What does Tayo decide to do with the note when the door is not answered?
(a) Tape it to the window
(b) Slide it under her door
(c) Leave it in the bar
(d) Tack it to the door frame

11. Where does Harley tell Leroy to take Tayo for a cure?
(a) The Red Rooster
(b) The medicine man
(c) The VA hospital
(d) The cold Coors hospital

12. Why are some of the cattles’ necks scraped?
(a) They ran into the walls of the arroyo
(b) The white people use them for Texas roping
(c) They kept trying to get past the barbed wire
(d) Their necks are not messed up

13. Who bootlegs beer to the Indians?
(a) Stan Blackburn
(b) Lalo
(c) The Red Rooster Tavern
(d) Petricia

14. What is behind the bar at Cerritos?
(a) A garage
(b) A large pond
(c) A field of corn
(d) A barrel cactus that is fifteen feet tall

15. What does Josiah tell Tayo the frogs do during a drought?
(a) Move into the caves
(b) Migrate into the forests
(c) Die out
(d) Bury in the sand at the bottom of a dry pool

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tayo feel about the medicine man’s possessions?

2. Why does Josiah’s mistress leave the village?

3. What does Harley say he traded for the truck he is driving?

4. To what tribe do the two Indians belong who get coins from Tayo when he and Robert are on the bridge?

5. Why does Tayo shake the branches on the tree outside Ts’eh’s house?

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