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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Helen Jean live before she moves to Gallup?
(a) Tako
(b) Mexico
(c) Towac
(d) Okwahee

2. What does the medicine man tell Tayo about who the medicine man’s grandmother was?
(a) She was white
(b) She was a Mexican with green eyes
(c) She was a Navajo
(d) He did not know his grandmother

3. What does Betonie draw in the sand that he tells Tayo to remember?
(a) A map
(b) How to twine vines for the next Ceremony
(c) The pattern of some stars
(d) A type of herb for nausea

4. What does Helen Jean do for a living in her hometown before she moves to Gallup?
(a) Hotel maid
(b) Bartender
(c) Waitress
(d) Cook for a missionary

5. What kind of trees do the people from the villages use for carving?
(a) Oak
(b) Maple
(c) Cottonwood
(d) Black walnut

6. What is the worst thing for Tayo when in the war?
(a) The lack of privacy
(b) The rain
(c) The sound of artillery exploding
(d) The sound of crickets

7. What does Emo suggests the men do since they fought a white man’s war and still are stuck on a dried up reservation?
(a) Kill the white president
(b) Go to law school and fight the laws
(c) Rejoin the army
(d) Get their hands on some white women

8. What does Rocky wish for when he and Tayo throw money off the bridge in San Diego?
(a) That Tayo and he return heroes
(b) That his father returns from the war
(c) That Japan is destroyed with a large tsunami
(d) A safe return

9. What did the children call Tayo’s eyes when he was growing up?
(a) Wimp eyes
(b) Mexican eyes
(c) Bedroom eyes
(d) White man’s eyes

10. What does the medicine man say the white doctors do with the dead in the mental hospitals?
(a) Bury them
(b) Dissect them
(c) Keep them in a room and talk to them
(d) Burn them

11. What is the name of Auntie’s old dog who always ran after female dogs in heat?
(a) Lightning
(b) Tanker
(c) Pepper
(d) Laddie

12. Why does Tayo suddenly tell Rocky he cannot go to the army?
(a) He cannot pretend to be Rocky’s brother
(b) He cannot produce a birth certificate
(c) Tayo forgot he had promised Josiah he would always stay to help on the reservation
(d) He is in love with an Indian girl in another village

13. Where does Ulibarri live?
(a) Las Cruce
(b) El Paso
(c) Magdalena
(d) San Angelo

14. What happens to the willows in the arroyo?
(a) A flash flood up roots them
(b) They are burned up when a streak of lightning hits them
(c) Nothing
(d) Drunk men chopped them down

15. Where does Tayo's mother live?
(a) In a house in Santa Fe
(b) She is homeless
(c) In a trailer on the Sioux reservation
(d) In an apartment in Gallup

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Josiah’s mistress say frightens most people?

2. What is the police’s response to the woman with the reddish hair’s behavior?

3. Why does Tayo think that white people have nothing?

4. What does Josiah ride when he is cutting cattle out on a deal with Ulibarri?

5. What has Rocky promised to buy Old Grandma with his army pay?

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