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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Tayo think that white people have nothing?
(a) Everything the white people have was stolen from the Indians
(b) They are being destroyed by their greed
(c) He does not like technology
(d) They do not realize they are ruining the earth

2. Why does the Helen Jean leave the bar?
(a) She does not like the atmosphere
(b) She has to go meet her sister
(c) She is interested in a Mexican man there
(d) Her brother came to get her

3. Where is Thought-Woman sitting in the opening poem?
(a) On top of a mountain
(b) In her room
(c) In a creek bed
(d) Under a tree

4. What does Tayo tell Ku'oosh about Tayo’s experience in the war?
(a) He killed too many innocent people
(b) He never killed one enemy
(c) He watched his best friend die
(d) He refuses to talk about the war at all

5. What kind of hat does Descheeny wear?
(a) Coon skin hat
(b) Baseball cap
(c) Leather cowboy hat
(d) Badger fur hat

6. What is behind the bar at Cerritos?
(a) A field of corn
(b) A garage
(c) A barrel cactus that is fifteen feet tall
(d) A large pond

7. What does the medicine man say about living so close to Gallup?
(a) The town is out of place
(b) He hates it
(c) The town belongs to the land
(d) He is thinking about moving

8. What is Tayo watching from the cab of the truck as he is riding with Leroy and Harley?
(a) The woman in the truck
(b) Grasshoppers
(c) The telephone poles
(d) The billboards

9. Where do Josiah and Tayo fill up their water barrels?
(a) In the river
(b) At the spring in the sandstone cave
(c) At the village well
(d) At the government office

10. What fell out of the tree when the Indians were on a raid that told them someone was in the tree?
(a) A sombrero
(b) A blue shawl
(c) Some apples
(d) A pair of boots

11. What does Tayo feel about the medicine man’s possessions?
(a) There are too few of them
(b) They are too disorganized
(c) They are holy
(d) They are cast-offs of the white people

12. How does the medicine man Tayo is sent to wear his hair?
(a) Tied in a chongo knot with red yarn
(b) It is cut short like the military
(c) It is shoulder length and wavy
(d) In a single braid down his back

13. What does the woman with reddish hair do when white men come to harass the women at the arroyo?
(a) Shoots one with her bow
(b) She ignores them
(c) Kicks one of them in the groin
(d) Throws the bottles back at the white men and curses them

14. What is the tribe of the woman who is in the truck with Harley and Leroy when they stop and pick up Tayo?
(a) Mohawk or Cherokee
(b) Pawnee or Prince Nez
(c) Apache or Ute
(d) Navajo or Seminole

15. How does Ts’eh have Tayo’s cattle corralled?
(a) They ran into a arroyo with a dead end
(b) She sung them calm then put them in her corral
(c) She enticed them with hay
(d) Her cattle dog herded them

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ts’eh tell Tayo where the cattle are located ask him when he first comes to her house?

2. What does Emo call Tayo because Emo thinks Tayo believes he is better than the rest of them?

3. What does Emo say about the white people as he plays with the Japanese teeth?

4. Where does Tayo want to go when he wakes up crying and dreaming about Josiah?

5. What do the old Utes say about elevators and juke boxes?

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