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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the holy men look when they want to know the time to dance for rain?
(a) South
(b) East, then west
(c) West and southwest
(d) North, then east

2. What is Tayo watching from the cab of the truck as he is riding with Leroy and Harley?
(a) The telephone poles
(b) The billboards
(c) The woman in the truck
(d) Grasshoppers

3. What does Tayo say no one is allowed to do to an invisible one?
(a) Take a picture
(b) Talk to them
(c) Walk with one
(d) Feed them

4. What does the medicine man tell Tayo about who the medicine man’s grandmother was?
(a) She was a Navajo
(b) He did not know his grandmother
(c) She was white
(d) She was a Mexican with green eyes

5. What does Ku'oosh place on Tayo’s stomach before he leaves?
(a) Two ears of corn
(b) A bag of tobacco
(c) A bundle of tea leaves
(d) A rattlesnake skin

6. According to the poem "Ceremony" at the beginning of the book, what tries to destroy the stories?
(a) Lies
(b) Evil
(c) Assumptions
(d) Humans

7. Where does Tayo sleep the night when the cowboys let him go?
(a) Next to the body of his horse
(b) Near the pine tree where he cut the fence
(c) In a shallow depression covered with leaves
(d) In a cave

8. What does Betonie draw in the sand that he tells Tayo to remember?
(a) The pattern of some stars
(b) How to twine vines for the next Ceremony
(c) A map
(d) A type of herb for nausea

9. What does Emo call Tayo because Emo thinks Tayo believes he is better than the rest of them?
(a) Uncle Tom
(b) Stuck-up
(c) Snob
(d) Half-breed

10. What does Ku'oosh tell Tayo about the world?
(a) It is a fragile place
(b) It is strong and consistent
(c) It is a frightening place
(d) It belongs to the Indians

11. What did all the Navajos do in the white school when the teacher brought out a tub of dead frogs to dissect?
(a) Tipped the tub over
(b) Stood up and left the room
(c) Stood up and turned their backs to the tub
(d) Start singing a chant

12. Where does Josiah have the cattle unloaded?
(a) Near the forest
(b) Out in the foothills
(c) Near the windmill
(d) At the river

13. What kind of fur vest is the hunter who Tayo meets walking wear?
(a) Beaver
(b) Rabbit
(c) Mountain lion
(d) Deer

14. What is the main thing wrong with white people, according to the creation legend?
(a) They do not know what happened to their souls
(b) They see only objects and not living creatures or living earth
(c) Their souls separate from their bodies when they are born
(d) They cannot feel the path of light because their aura is too dense

15. Where does Tayo want to go when he wakes up crying and dreaming about Josiah?
(a) The bar where his mother works
(b) A cave where he and Rocky used to stay for days at a time
(c) The veteran's hospital
(d) His cousin's old RV out on the edge of the reservation

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Apache sheepherder Auntie has?

2. What animal went to the mother of the people during a drought and asked forgiveness for the people?

3. What does the medicine man say the white doctors do with the dead in the mental hospitals?

4. What does Floyd Lee call his miles of barbed wire fencing?

5. Why does Josiah not brand the cows when he first gets them?

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