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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ceremony.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tayo say an Indian should avoid in Gallup?
(a) Going to any of the brothels on the south side
(b) Being in Gallup after dark
(c) Wearing a cowboy hat if you are an Indian
(d) Any of the bars on the east side

2. Why does Tayo think that white people have nothing?
(a) They do not realize they are ruining the earth
(b) He does not like technology
(c) They are being destroyed by their greed
(d) Everything the white people have was stolen from the Indians

3. What does Robert tell Tayo the elders have said when Tayo tells Robert he is ready to help?
(a) That Tayo needs to get help
(b) The elders do not discuss Tayo with Robert
(c) That Tayo must move off the reservation
(d) That Tayo is going to be elected to the council

4. What does Josiah and Robert do to the deer while Rocky is gutting it?
(a) Sprinkle cornmeal in its nose
(b) Cut off its head
(c) Nothing
(d) Skin it

5. Why does Tayo shake the branches on the tree outside Ts’eh’s house?
(a) To get the blanket off a branch
(b) To get the snow off so the branches do not break
(c) To watch the snow fall
(d) To make a pattern for divination

Short Answer Questions

1. Who can help the man who believes he is a coyote, according to Indian legend?

2. What is Tayo watching from the cab of the truck as he is riding with Leroy and Harley?

3. What was the blond girl on the calendar in the store holding in her hand?

4. What does the old Mexican man bring Tayo when Tayo is at the café?

5. What kind of job does Helen Jean get in Gallup?

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