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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ceremony.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tayo say an Indian should avoid in Gallup?
(a) Going to any of the brothels on the south side
(b) Wearing a cowboy hat if you are an Indian
(c) Being in Gallup after dark
(d) Any of the bars on the east side

2. What does Tayo say one has to know in order to get to the moon?
(a) How many ways there are of arriving there
(b) How to speak the man in the moon's language
(c) If one really wants to get there
(d) The directions there

3. What does the medicine man do when Tayo wakes and the medicine man sits down with Tayo?
(a) Tayo does not see the medicine man after the Ceremony
(b) Rolls a cigarette and smokes
(c) Tayo does not sleep after the Ceremony
(d) Fills a peace pipe and passes it to Tayo

4. What does Josiah ride when he is cutting cattle out on a deal with Ulibarri?
(a) A mule
(b) A palomino horse
(c) A bay stallion
(d) A burro

5. What is the police’s response to the woman with the reddish hair’s behavior?
(a) Nothing, they are not involved
(b) They arrest the white men who are harassing the women
(c) They take everyone in the arroyo away and tear down the shelters
(d) They arrest the woman

Short Answer Questions

1. What is carved on Ts’eh’s silver buckles on her moccasins?

2. Why is Tayo happy it starts snowing the morning after his encounter with the fence patrol?

3. To whom does Tayo talk almost incessantly?

4. What do Robert and Tayo take to Pinkie out at the sheep camp?

5. What kind of fur vest is the hunter who Tayo meets walking wear?

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