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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ceremony.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Josiah doing when he dies?
(a) He is with his mistress
(b) He is cleaning out the barn
(c) He is searching for the cattle
(d) He is working on the roof of the house

2. What does Emo suggests the men do since they fought a white man’s war and still are stuck on a dried up reservation?
(a) Kill the white president
(b) Go to law school and fight the laws
(c) Rejoin the army
(d) Get their hands on some white women

3. Where did the medicine man first go to school?
(a) Riverside, Ca
(b) Salt Lake City
(c) Gallup
(d) Tahoe

4. What do the doctors say is the cause of battle fatigue?
(a) They do not know what causes it
(b) The noise of gunfire and bombs
(c) Malnourishment
(d) Seeing others killed

5. What does Tayo do when he goes into the corn field one night?
(a) Draws a crop circle
(b) Lays down to watch the corn above him
(c) Smashes the melons growing there
(d) Strips the corn from the plants

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Josiah and Tayo fill up their water barrels?

2. Under what kind of trees at the Y bar does Leroy park?

3. What is the police’s response to the woman with the reddish hair’s behavior?

4. How does Ts’eh match up plants and stones when she is sorting them on her table?

5. Who is Descheeny married to when he brings a Mexican girl to his home?

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