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Our People

This tribe is also known as the Cheyenne and Arapaho.

Blue Valley

This place is where Pasquinel is killed.

Saint Louis

This place is where Pasquinel and McKeag go to sell beaver pelts.

Lampeter, Pennsylvania

This place is where Levy Zandt purchases a wagon for his trip to the west.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This place is where the Zandt brothers and many other Amish and Mennonite farmers offer their wares for sale, and where Levy Zandt meets up with Elly Zahn.


This place is where Elly and Levy join a wagon train headed to Oregon.

Fort John

This place is where McKeag has a general store.

Denver, Colorado

This place is where problems arise after the United States breaks their treaty agreement.

Zendt Farm, Colorado

This is what Levi founded by establishing a trading post with his partner, Alexander McKeag.

Centennial, Colorado

This is the new...

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