Centennial Fun Activities

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Make a map of Centennial. How would you divide the land among the land owners?

How-To Guide

Choose either farming or herding and make a brochure that explains how to succeed at it.

Talk Show

Write a script for a talk show. Invite characters from "Centennial" who have conflicts with each other. What questions would you ask them and how would they respond? Perform your talk show for the class.


Choose a character from this novel and write a blog for them. Reflect on the work you do and your personal life.

Quiz Questions

Write five quiz questions based on "Centennial." Your questions could be used on an upcoming quiz.

Shopping Spree

Choose one of the characters from this novel and pretend they are going on a shopping spree. What would they buy and why?

Personal Ad

Write a personal ad for one of the characters...

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