Centennial Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Lame Beaver - This character is a warrior of the tribe known as Our People, later known as Cheyenne or Arapaho.

Paul Garrett - This character is named the epitome of Centennial. He is in the town to learn about the sugar beet industry.

Blue Leaf - This character is married for the price of a pony.

Red Nose - This character is determined to become one of the chiefs of Our People and accomplishes this goal.

Cottonwood Knee - This character is killed while trying to steal horses.

Never-Death - This character wears armor for protection during fights.

Pasquinel - This character is a French trapper and trader who lives among the Indians and realizes that the key to survival is to never fight the Indians if it can be helped.

Alexander McKeag - This character is a Scotsman who is on the run from his...

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