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Chapters One through Four

• Dr. Lewis Vernor is sent to Colorado to verify the facts of a story.

• Lame Beaver was successful at raiding and stealing from other tribes.

• Lame Beaver kills a man thought to be invincible.

• Lame Beaver steals gold bullets.

• Lame Beaver kills two chiefs of opposing tribes.

• The tribes realize there are bullets made of gold and they want to find Lame Beaver's gold source.

Chapter Five

• Pasquinel is a pelt trader who has a rough history with the Native American tribes.

• Pasquinel ends up working McKeag and marrying Lame Beaver's daughter.

• Pasquinel is killed while looking for gold.

• McKeag takes in Clay Basket and Lucinda after Pasquinel's death.

Chapter Six

• Levi is a Mennonite who is outcast from his family for tearing a girl's dress.

• Levi heads west with Elly.

• Elly dies when she is pregnant.

• Levi is nursed back to health by...

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