Celebration of Discipline Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Foster (religion)
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• This particular edition was written two decades after the first publication.

• Over two decades, people have received guidance in their daily walk with God through the principles in the book.

• The author is a Quaker pastor who explains twelve spiritual disciplines broken into three categories.

• The author began to read writings by faithful followers such as St. Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, and Augustine of Hippo.
• The author was influenced by several people in his life, including members of his church and close friends.

• In order for the publishing of the book to occur, it appears that several events fell into place.

• The book became a vessel for people to transform their relationships with God.

The Spiritual Disciplines: Door to Liberations

• According to the author, the spiritual disciplines call everyone, no matter their level of theoretical knowledge.

• The two types of difficulties people will face when...

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