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This is a Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela.



This is the town where Phillip's father moves the family so that he can work at the refinery and increase fuel production for the war effort.

Koningin Emma Brug

This is the bridge on the island where the book begins that spans the channel leading to the harbor of Schottegat.

Fort Amsterdam

This was built to defend the island Phillip's family lives on, and it is where Phillip and his friends play at defending the harbor from pirates.

S.S. Empire Tern

This armed ship sails from the island where Phillip's family lives carrying fuel. It is quickly torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine.

S.S. Hato

Phillip and his mother board this Dutch freighter to travel to Miami, but the ship is torpedoed and sunk.

Charlotte Amalie

This is Timothy's hometown.


The Cay


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