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Character Art

Draw a picture of Phillip at the beginning of the novel, and one of him at the end of his time alone on the island. Try to show his physical and psychological differences through the details in your picture.


Using pictures clipped from old magazines or from the Internet, create a collage showing what Phillip's world is like. Include pictures that portray his life on Curacao as well as on the cay.

Cast a Movie

What current celebrities would you choose to play the characters in The Cay if a movie were made? Include actors and actresses for the following characters: Phillip, Henrik, Grace, Phillip, Sr., and Timothy. Explain your choices.

Stew Cat Art

Although he can't speak, Stew Cat is a very important character. Sculpt, draw, or paint a picture of Stew Cat.

Movie Poster

If a movie were made of The Cay, what...

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