The Cay Character Descriptions

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Phillip Enright

This character, who is eleven-years-old when the story begins, becomes stranded on an island with an elderly black man.


This character becomes stranded on an island with an eleven-year-old and a cat.

Stew Cat

This character once belonged to the ship's cook and is later responsible for protecting the protagonist from attacking birds.

Phillip Enright Sr.

This character moves the protagonist's family to the island of Curacao and is responsible for increasing fuel production there to benefit the Allied forces.

Grace Enright

This character is fearful and nervous, which often leads to a prejudiced view of unfamiliar people.

The Captain of the S.S. Hato

This person is responsible for calmly giving orders as the ship that the protagonist and his mother are on sinks. These calm orders lead to the passengers being saved.

The Captain of the American Destroyer

This person tells the protagonist's...

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