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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 Golliwog's Revenge.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which offensive gift has Grandma Lodge given Cole in the past?
(a) A gift certificate to a salon that caters to white customers.
(b) The book, "Little Women".
(c) A lawn jockey.
(d) The black stereotype doll, Mr. Golliwog.

2. Where in the encyclopedia is the snapshot placed?
(a) It marks the page that describes the three main racial categories.
(b) It marks the page that describes West African gods.
(c) It marks the page that describes Africa's geography.
(d) It marks the page that describes the culture of Brazil.

3. How does Carmen treat Cole?
(a) She ignores Cole completely.
(b) She is friendly and fixes Cole's hair.
(c) She is kind and teaches Cole how to drive.
(d) She is rude and makes cutting remarks about Deck.

4. Which famous author is the Lodge family related to?
(a) Edgar Allen Poe.
(b) Mark Twain.
(c) Cotton Mather.
(d) Charles Dickens.

5. What make-up ritual do Sandy and Deck typically have after an argument?
(a) Pizza, screwdrivers, and Nat King Cole.
(b) Slow dancing to Barry White, a bottle of vodka, and chips.
(c) A bottle of red wine, a carton of noodles, and Al Green music.
(d) Gin and tonic and a game of cards.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Birdie and Cole different?

2. Where is Aunt Dot moving to in Chapter 1?

3. When do Sandy and Deck meet?

4. Which character confronts Birdie on the playground?

5. What is the name of the book the Lodge family ancestor wrote?

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