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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 Golliwog's Revenge.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Cole and Birdie separated for a week in Chapter 4?
(a) Sandy takes Birdie to visit Grandma Logan.
(b) Sandy sends Cole to Grandma Logan's house.
(c) Cole goes to boarding school for a week.
(d) A snowstorm has shut down Boston.

2. What strange items are placed in Sandy's basement in Chapter 4?
(a) Cardboard boxes full of paper.
(b) Long black packages that resemble guns.
(c) Short brown packages that resemble books.
(d) Plastic pipe and wooden boxes.

3. What decision does Deck make in Chapter 1 that radically alters Birdie and Cole's lives?
(a) His daughters will go to boarding school.
(b) The family will move to Canada.
(c) His daughters will no longer be home-schooled.
(d) The family will move to Brazil.

4. Which character does Birdie stay with during her teen years?
(a) Deck.
(b) Redbone.
(c) Dot.
(d) Sandy.

5. What does Sandy do with the girls on the day she keeps them out of school in Chapter 3?
(a) They go to Concord and visit sites of literary significance.
(b) They eat pizza and watch old movies.
(c) They drive to New York and see a Broadway show.
(d) They visit their Grandma Logan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which famous author is the Lodge family related to?

2. What culture is Birdie forced to adopt in her teen years?

3. How does Deck know the Harvard professor?

4. Why does Birdie have difficulty fitting into her new private school?

5. What group does Maria invite Birdie to be a part of?

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