Objects & Places from Caucasia

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South End

This area is the part of Boston where the Lee family lives in the beginning of the novel.

The Lodge Family Home

Grandmother still lives in this place in Cambridge.


Birdie struggles to be accepted at this school.

Danny's His and Hers

This place braids Cole's hair since Sandy is unable to create the tight small braids Cole desires.


This is the restaurant where the Lee family has their last dinner together.


This doll is an exaggerated stereotype of a black man.


The orange line of the Boston subway system leads to this location, where Birdie's father tells her she belongs.


Birdie finally finds acceptance in this school.


This is a collection of mementos Deck and Cole give to Birdie in order to remind her of her Negro heritage.

The Canary

This character is also a symbol of Birdie, abandoned...

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