Caucasia Character Descriptions

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Birdie Lee

This character struggles with her racial identity throughout the novel.

Sandra Logan Lee

This character was raised by a Harvard classics professor but rebels by hiding guns and fugitives in an attempt to fit in.

Cole Lee

This character has coffee colored skin and curly hair and is content with her racial heritage.

Deck Lee

This character is too busy working on books about race relations to have any real relationships.

Aunt Dot

This character is peaceful, having found spiritual enlightenment in India.

Grandma Logan

This character struggles to be open-minded towards mixed relatives, but is often betrayed by years of cultural racism.

Ali Parkman

This character says, "If black is beautiful, you are ugly", but later becomes very helpful.

Ronnie Parkman

This handsome character surprises others with a declaration of homosexuality.


This character is described as looking almost like a "black Barbie come to...

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