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• The readers are introduced to the Lee Family.

• Deck Lee is the black intellectual father.

• Sandy Lee is the white Boston Brahmin mother.

• Birdie Lee is Deck and Sandy's youngest daughter who looks white with her creamy skin and straight hair.

• Cole Lee is Deck and Sandy's oldest daughter who looks black with her milk chocolate skin and curly hair.
• The reader learns that Birdie feels lost because it seems that one day she was a happy black child in Roxbury, and the next day she became nobody.

• Birdie recalls fleeing from her home with her mother.

• Birdie remembers that when she stopped feeling like nobody, she became white.

Chapter 1 Face

• Birdie adores her older sister Cole, who has skin the color of creamed coffee and dark curly hair.

• Birdie speaks to her sister in a secret language they created, Elemeno.

• Birdie's mother begins to spend hours...

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