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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Etarcumul declares he will kill Cuchulain. Why does Cuchulain refuse to fight him?
(a) He believes Etarcumul is his own brother.
(b) Etarcumul is too young to fight.
(c) Cuchulain is afraid he would lose and die himself.
(d) Etarcumul came with Fergus who Cuchulain calls his foster-father.

2. What happens to Cuchulain's body when he becomes very angry about the actions of the Irish?
(a) It loses its muscular strength.
(b) It becomes twice as strong as it was.
(c) It turns ugly.
(d) It turns into a wolf.

3. What is Cuchulain doing while the men of Ireland are tunneling?
(a) Training new men for battle.
(b) Digging a tunnel from the other side.
(c) Following them and killing some of them.
(d) Making deals with other kings to help him.

4. Why does Nathcrantail tell Medb that Cuchulain is a coward?
(a) Cuchulain would not talk to anyone without ten bodyguards.
(b) Cuchulain ran after a flock of birds.
(c) Cuchulain ran away from Nathcrantail when he saw him coming.
(d) Cuchulain threw down his sword at Nathcrantail's feet.

5. What does Forgemen do?
(a) He negotiates everything between Medb and Cuchulain.
(b) He takes care of the other cattle of Cooley.
(c) He makes sure the armor is ready for the Irish fighters.
(d) He takes care of the great bull of Cooley.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cuchulain kill Ferbaeth?

2. Where does Cuchulain sit waiting for Nathcrantrail to return?

3. What does Ailill do about the marching boys of Ulster?

4. What are the men of Ireland finally able to do after they finish the tunnel?

5. What job does Laeg do for Cuchulain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Donn the bull do after Medb lets him loose after the battle?

2. How does Cuchulain heal Morrigan?

3. Cuchulain lets Medb resettle her army, but meanwhile what is happening?

4. What does Ailill's spy find out about Medb and Fergus? What does Ailill do about it?

5. Who is Orlam and what happens to him?

6. Who does Cuchulain kill on the riverbank? Why were they there?

7. Cuchulain kills Cyr in a very unusual way. What was it?

8. What happens at the impassable river the Irish army come upon?

9. What are Medb's weak points? Give some examples.

10. Cuchulain finally receives help in the form of a battle fairy. How does this fairy help him?

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