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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were the men of Ireland waiting around for two weeks?
(a) They were waiting for supplies to arrive.
(b) They were training for battle.
(c) They were waiting for a sign to go into battle.
(d) They were deciding which men would be in each unit.

2. When Loch is dying, what does he beg Cuchulain to do?
(a) Step backward so Loch can fall forward.
(b) Kill Loch's second-in-command.
(c) Pull his spear out of Loch's chest.
(d) Stop all the battles and make peace.

3. What does Cuchulain propose by saying he won't kill the men anymore if he gets food and water each day?
(a) A declaration of war.
(b) A surrender.
(c) A ceasefire.
(d) A truce.

4. How does Cuchulain get his revenge on Medb for sending six Druids to fight him?
(a) He captures and tortures Medb's beloved dog.
(b) He kills some soldiers with his slingshot.
(c) He takes one hundred soldiers prisoner.
(d) He makes plans to capture Medb.

5. Why does the king decide to recognize young Cuchulain as a great warrior?
(a) If he doesn't, Cuchulain's father will take his land.
(b) If he doesn't, Cuchulain will kill all the boys in the kingdom.
(c) If he doesn't, Cuchulain will kill his livestock.
(d) If he doesn't, Cuchulain has threatened to kill him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cuchulain pray for Morrigan?

2. How did the men of Ireland and Ulster honor the men who died in battle?

3. What did Cuchulain get the man of Ireland to tell him?

4. As Cuchulain watches the Irish army march south to Ulster, why does Cuchulain grow angry with the Irish army?

5. Who finds the bull of Cooley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Show another example of loyalty for Cuchulain as it appears in "The Combat of Calatin's Children".

2. How does Medb show she is a little worried about the strength of the Ulstermen?

3. How does Cuchulain kill the three men from macArach?

4. Who was Ferchu and what did he do?

5. What choice does Cuchulain have to make in The Finding of the Bull? Which one does he choose?

6. Fueled by the anger of the Slaughter of the Youths, what does Cuchulain do?

7. Cuchulain finally receives help in the form of a battle fairy. How does this fairy help him?

8. What causes Cuchulain to become so enraged that he cannot recognize friend from foe?

9. How does Cuchulain heal Morrigan?

10. How do Medb and Ailill want to use their daughter Finnabair for their own ends? What is the result?

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