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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Donn's last action put an end to?
(a) The unity of Ireland and Ulster.
(b) Cattle raising in Ireland.
(c) The cattle raid of Cooley.
(d) The powers of the Druids.

2. What do Catalin and his men do before they go into battle?
(a) Tip their weapons with poison.
(b) Kill any cow within five miles.
(c) Sacrifice one of the their women.
(d) Pray on their knees for the help of the gods.

3. What does Ferdiad say he will do if he kills Cuchulain?
(a) Have himself made King of Ulster.
(b) Become a druid priest.
(c) Kill Medb.
(d) Kill himself.

4. Why does Cuchulain say he can fight no more?
(a) He has lost his nerve.
(b) He has lost too much weight.
(c) He is completely covered with wounds.
(d) He wants only peace.

5. What is the result of Cuchulain's anger fit?
(a) He sticks a spike into Laeg's chest.
(b) He sees visions of the Irish army.
(c) Blood spurts from his forehead.
(d) Smoke comes out of his ears.

6. Why do the Irish fighters scorn Iliach as a warrior?
(a) He is a braggart.
(b) He has no weapons.
(c) His horse and chariot are shabby.
(d) He is stupid.

7. Who kills Iliach in the end?
(a) Doherty.
(b) Dochi.
(c) Maga.
(d) Magnus.

8. What does Medb's watchman see running towards him?
(a) A naked man.
(b) Ferchu.
(c) A team of runaway horses.
(d) The ghost of Ferdiad.

9. How does Laeg make Cuchulain feel better about not fighting?
(a) He tells him he is a great battle hero.
(b) He tells him no army could defeat them.
(c) He dresses his wounds.
(d) He prepares a fantastic feast for him.

10. Who comes to help Cuchulain after Catalin beats him into the ground?
(a) Laeg.
(b) Fergus.
(c) Ferchu.
(d) Fiachu.

11. What do the doctors tell Cethern?
(a) That he should kill Cuchulain.
(b) That magically, there are no signs of wounds.
(c) That his wounds are not serious.
(d) That he will die from his wounds.

12. What do Cethern's wounds tell?
(a) How healthy he is.
(b) How long he has to live.
(c) The future of the Irish.
(d) What sort of person inflicted them.

13. Dubthach plots to capture Cuchulain. What does Fergus do?
(a) Kill Dubthach.
(b) Kick Dubthach out of the camp.
(c) Tells Cuchulain what Dubthach is doing.
(d) Join Dubthach in his plot.

14. What is the result of the meeting of the Ulstermen?
(a) They make a whole new strategy for coming battles.
(b) They offer to sacrifice their best warrior to the gods.
(c) They get angry and kill each other.
(d) They quit and go home.

15. What do the people who help Cuchulain after the battle with Ferdiad put on his wounds?
(a) Ointment.
(b) Ground weeds and mud.
(c) Herbs and potions.
(d) The milk of the white cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the death of Oengus and the Misthrow at Belach Eoin, Cuchulain seems to be surrounded by.....

2. After eight hours of battle with shields and blades, what do Ferdiad and Cuchulain decide to do?

3. What does Fergus finally offer to do if Cuchulain will run away?

4. What does Donn take back to Cruachan the next morning?

5. Who does Cuchulain send to rouse the troops?

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