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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Crutti Cainbilli were not ordinary men at all. What were they?
(a) Witches.
(b) Christian priests.
(c) Kings and princes.
(d) Druids.

2. Who finds the bull of Cooley?
(a) Brian Boru.
(b) Brede.
(c) Buide.
(d) Birney.

3. How does Cuchulain get his revenge on Medb for sending six Druids to fight him?
(a) He kills some soldiers with his slingshot.
(b) He captures and tortures Medb's beloved dog.
(c) He takes one hundred soldiers prisoner.
(d) He makes plans to capture Medb.

4. Where did Medb and Ailill's neighboring kings' men gather?
(a) At Cruachan.
(b) At Fergus.
(c) At Dublin.
(d) At Connacht.

5. Medb wants to borrow Dari of Cooley's bull for a year. What deal does MacRoth the Messenger offer Dari?
(a) She will keep the bull, but give him her friendship and protection.
(b) She will return the bull and give him fifty heifers.
(c) She will return the bull and give him a lot of land.
(d) She will return the bull and give him a chariot.

6. What is the result of the man of Ireland's dealing with Cuchulain?
(a) He is tied up and left on his own.
(b) He is killed.
(c) He joins Cuchulain's men.
(d) He is allowed to go free.

7. What is the name of the bull of Cooley?
(a) Fergus.
(b) Donn.
(c) Morrigan.
(d) Barry.

8. How does Medb react to Fedelm's prophecy of a bloody battle?
(a) She tells Fedelm she doesn't believe in prophesies.
(b) She says she doesn't trust Fedelm.
(c) She gives reasons why she isn't afraid of Conchobar.
(d) She is very nervous and afraid.

9. What does Fergus get Cuchulain to agree to?
(a) To give Medb and Ailill some of the lands of Ulster.
(b) To train Etarcumul as a warrior.
(c) To kill only one man at a time.
(d) To surrender.

10. What does the spy find out?
(a) Medb believes Ailill has turned against her.
(b) Medb has disappeared with the soldiers.
(c) Medb and Fergus are having an affair.
(d) Medb is very discouraged and is planning a new strategy.

11. Why does Fergus take the time to tell the Irishmen about Cuchulain's youthful exploits?
(a) So they can bring in more men to fight.
(b) So they are prepared to deal with a powerful threat.
(c) So they can cancel the battle and go home.
(d) So they can make a plan to capture him.

12. What are Ailill and Medb talking about as they lie in their bed?
(a) That Ailill was a king before he married Medb.
(b) Their health.
(c) Their wealth.
(d) That Medb did not get along with her father.

13. How many young boys of Ulster march off to help Cuchulan defeat the Irish?
(a) One hundred and fifty.
(b) Four hundred and fifty.
(c) Eight hundred and fifty.
(d) Two hundred and fifty.

14. What does the narrator tell the reader at the end of "The Foretelling"?
(a) That the narrator was Medb's personal bodyguard.
(b) That the story will be lost forever if not spoken aloud.
(c) The introduction is over and the body of the story is next.
(d) That the introduction was just a dream sequence.

15. When Loch is dying, what does he beg Cuchulain to do?
(a) Kill Loch's second-in-command.
(b) Step backward so Loch can fall forward.
(c) Stop all the battles and make peace.
(d) Pull his spear out of Loch's chest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Medb do while Cuchulain is with Morrigan?

2. Etarcumul declares he will kill Cuchulain. Why does Cuchulain refuse to fight him?

3. How does Cuchulain trick the man of Ireland into telling him what he wants to know?

4. How does Cuchulain kill Cyr?

5. What does Cuchulain do every day to prepare for battle?

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