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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Redg the Satirist is killed, how many men do Medb and Ailill send to battle with Cuchulain?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Ten.
(c) Five.
(d) Fifty.

2. When Loch is dying, what does he beg Cuchulain to do?
(a) Kill Loch's second-in-command.
(b) Stop all the battles and make peace.
(c) Pull his spear out of Loch's chest.
(d) Step backward so Loch can fall forward.

3. Where did Medb and Ailill's neighboring kings' men gather?
(a) At Cruachan.
(b) At Dublin.
(c) At Connacht.
(d) At Fergus.

4. In her second disguise, Morrigan is an eel. What does she do to Cuchulain in battle?
(a) Scares him so he drops his shield.
(b) Binds herself around his arms.
(c) Binds herself around his feet.
(d) Slithers under his armor and tickles him.

5. How does Cuchulain convince Loch that he should fight him?
(a) He told him he had put a curse on his family.
(b) He wore a pretend beard to look older.
(c) He killed a herd of deer in front of him.
(d) He stole his wife away from him.

6. What is Medb's reaction to Etarcumul's death?
(a) She surrenders and starts for home.
(b) She cries in grief.
(c) She kills Fergus.
(d) She screams in rage.

7. What is one of the bull of Cooley's special powers?
(a) He breeds with heifers who give birth the next day.
(b) He is so large he can kill three men with one step.
(c) He breeds with heifers who always have twins.
(d) He can speak.

8. What job does Laeg do for Cuchulain?
(a) He is his fortune teller.
(b) He is his battle advisor.
(c) He is his personal assistant.
(d) He is his chariot driver.

9. What fraction of the young boys of Ulster march off to help Cuchulain defeat the Irish?
(a) One-tenth.
(b) One-quarter.
(c) One-half.
(d) One-third.

10. Where does Cuchulain sit waiting for Nathcrantrail to return?
(a) On his throne in his tent.
(b) By a mountain.
(c) In his secret cave.
(d) On the top of a stone column.

11. Why is Cuchulain sad about fighting Ferbaeth?
(a) He is his spiritual advisor.
(b) He was raised with him.
(c) He admires his courage.
(d) He is his favorite uncle.

12. How does Cuchulain kill Cyr?
(a) Breaks his neck while wrestling.
(b) Hits him over the head with his shield.
(c) Hides in an apple tree and shoots him with an arrow.
(d) Throws an apple through his shield and head.

13. Larini is a weak fighter but is being sent to fight Cuchulain. Why?
(a) He has angered Medb.
(b) He has volunteered for a suicide mission.
(c) He owes Medb a favor.
(d) Medb will make Lugaid avenge his brother's death.

14. Why is Finnabair killed?
(a) She lies to Cuchulain about Medb.
(b) She tries to kill Cuchulain herself.
(c) She is not beautiful enough to be Cuchulain's bride.
(d) Cochulain catches on to a trick Ailill tries to pull on him.

15. Who does Fergus send to tell Cuchulain that he should never be caught running from battle?
(a) Ailill.
(b) MacRoth.
(c) Lochi.
(d) Fiachu.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the army get the cattle herd to trample Forgemen to death?

2. Why does Medb want her men to tunnel through the mountain?

3. The stories about Cuchulain show that he has amazing abilities but he also has a flaw. What is it?

4. Medb wants to borrow Dari of Cooley's bull for a year. What deal does MacRoth the Messenger offer Dari?

5. What does the spy find out?

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