The Cattle Raid of Cooley Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What do we learn about Medb in "The Pillow Talk"?

We learn that Medb is the favored daughter of a high king of Ireland. She has much wealth and wanted to find a husband who is without jealousy, fear, or greed. She believes she has found this in Ailill. Ailill is quite happy to be her husband, and considers himself to be the richest man in the land. Medb feels some competition between she and Ailill regarding who has the most wealth.

2. Medb decides she wants a great bull to match Ailill's. What is the outcome of this?

Medb's men go to Dari of Cooley and ask to borrow his magnificent bull, Dann, for a year. Dari agrees but then, during a drunken feast with Medb's men, overhears the men say they would have taken the bull by force anyway. He now refuses to let them have the bull and the scene is set for a battle over a bull.

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