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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Now of the Battle | The Muster of the Men of Erin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the narrator say it would be boring to tell about every battle?
(a) No one can remember everything.
(b) The details are too hard to understand.
(c) The results are always the same - Cuchulain is the winner.
(d) There are only a few ways to kill a man in battle.

2. What is Celtchar a leader of?
(a) The Irish.
(b) The Scots.
(c) The Ulstermen.
(d) The Druids.

3. What does Medb do while Cuchulain is with Morrigan?
(a) Plot with Ailill to offer Cuchulain her daughter.
(b) Send one hundred men to fight him.
(c) Send a spy to find out where Cuchulain is.
(d) Send Druids out to find Morrigan.

4. How does Cuchulain appear to the woman and civilians traveling with the army?
(a) In his full battle gear.
(b) As a Druid.
(c) In disguise as a farmer.
(d) In his normal clothes.

5. What job does Laeg do for Cuchulain?
(a) He is his chariot driver.
(b) He is his personal assistant.
(c) He is his fortune teller.
(d) He is his battle advisor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cuchulain comes across one of the men of Ireland. What does he help him do?

2. What does Cuchulain do to the three MacArach men?

3. How does Morrigan cause trouble for both sides?

4. What do Medb and Ailill think is responsible for Cuchulain's success in battle?

5. Who finds the bull of Cooley?

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