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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Red-Shame of Menn | The Charioteers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Cuchulain feel guilty about the Slaughter of the Youths?
(a) Many of them were his friends and cousins.
(b) He had promised their families they wouldn't die.
(c) He had planned to train them before battle.
(d) He had been asleep for three days and didn't protect them.

2. What do Ailill and Medb want to ask Cuchulain for after the slaughter of the boy trooper?
(a) A final showdown.
(b) Prisoners of war.
(c) A truce.
(d) Carts to transport soldiers.

3. What does the fairy warrior offer to do for Cuchulain?
(a) Hide Cuchulain in his secret cave.
(b) Tell him all the secrets his knows about the Irish battle strategy.
(c) Lead the Irish army away from him.
(d) Fight the Irish while Cuchulain rests and gets better.

4. Larini is a weak fighter but is being sent to fight Cuchulain. Why?
(a) Medb will make Lugaid avenge his brother's death.
(b) He has angered Medb.
(c) He has volunteered for a suicide mission.
(d) He owes Medb a favor.

5. What is Medb's reaction to Etarcumul's death?
(a) She screams in rage.
(b) She kills Fergus.
(c) She cries in grief.
(d) She surrenders and starts for home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Cuchulain so angry he tears Mann to pieces?

2. What does Medb do as she makes her way through Ulster?

3. How did Uala die?

4. Ferbaeth is next in line to fight Cuchulain. What is his relationship to Cuchulain?

5. What job does Laeg do for Cuchulain?

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