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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Red-Shame of Menn | The Charioteers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dubthach plots to capture Cuchulain. What does Fergus do?
(a) Kick Dubthach out of the camp.
(b) Tells Cuchulain what Dubthach is doing.
(c) Kill Dubthach.
(d) Join Dubthach in his plot.

2. What is the result of the meeting of the Ulstermen?
(a) They make a whole new strategy for coming battles.
(b) They get angry and kill each other.
(c) They offer to sacrifice their best warrior to the gods.
(d) They quit and go home.

3. What are the men of Ireland finally able to do after they finish the tunnel?
(a) Trap Cuchulain in a cave.
(b) Cross the stream and take their supplies with them.
(c) Go around the mountain on foot.
(d) Finish the tunnel and reach Ulster.

4. What are Munremar and Curoi involved in?
(a) A plot.
(b) A business.
(c) Stealing livestock from the Irish.
(d) A feud.

5. Who comes to help Cuchulain heal after his battle with Ferdiad?
(a) The men of Ulster.
(b) The women Ireland.
(c) The women of Ulster.
(d) The men of Ireland.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ferbaeth is next in line to fight Cuchulain. What is his relationship to Cuchulain?

2. What does Cuchulain have on each hand and foot?

3. Why does Nathcrantail tell Medb that Cuchulain is a coward?

4. Where did Medb and Ailill's neighboring kings' men gather?

5. How does Cuchulain destroy Ferchu and his bandits?

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