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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Head-Place of Ferchu | Mann's Fight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the meeting of the Ulstermen?
(a) They quit and go home.
(b) They get angry and kill each other.
(c) They make a whole new strategy for coming battles.
(d) They offer to sacrifice their best warrior to the gods.

2. What does Cuchulain have on each hand and foot?
(a) Seven fingers and seven toes.
(b) Jewels on every finger and toe.
(c) Fur gloves and boots.
(d) Tattoos that show he is a warrior.

3. How does Cuchulain kill Cyr?
(a) Hides in an apple tree and shoots him with an arrow.
(b) Throws an apple through his shield and head.
(c) Breaks his neck while wrestling.
(d) Hits him over the head with his shield.

4. How does Cuchulain appear to the woman and civilians traveling with the army?
(a) In his normal clothes.
(b) In his full battle gear.
(c) In disguise as a farmer.
(d) As a Druid.

5. What does Cuchulain do every day to prepare for battle?
(a) Chooses the best horse.
(b) Practices his skills and stays fit.
(c) Plays chess to improve his strategies.
(d) Talks with his advisors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the bull of Cooley?

2. What does Medb offer Cuchulain if he will stop killing her men?

3. Who finds the bull of Cooley?

4. Where did Medb and Ailill's neighboring kings' men gather?

5. What do Medb and Ailill think is responsible for Cuchulain's success in battle?

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