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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Head-Place of Ferchu | Mann's Fight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Cyr chosen to fight Cuchulain?
(a) He has the largest number of soldiers.
(b) He will take any risk to kill Cuchulain.
(c) He is the strongest warrior the Irish have.
(d) He is not liked very much.

2. What is the result of Cuchulain's anger fit?
(a) He sees visions of the Irish army.
(b) Blood spurts from his forehead.
(c) He sticks a spike into Laeg's chest.
(d) Smoke comes out of his ears.

3. What are Munremar and Curoi involved in?
(a) Stealing livestock from the Irish.
(b) A business.
(c) A plot.
(d) A feud.

4. Where did Medb and Ailill's neighboring kings' men gather?
(a) At Dublin.
(b) At Connacht.
(c) At Cruachan.
(d) At Fergus.

5. The men of Ireland set off to Ulster. When they get to Cooley, what do they do?
(a) Destroy all the villages in the area.
(b) Divide into groups and look for the bull.
(c) Surround Cooley and just wait.
(d) Raid Conchobar's castle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Cuchulain feel guilty about the Slaughter of the Youths?

2. How does Medb break an agreement by sending six Druids to fight Cuchulain?

3. What should have Oengus done when he arrived to help Cuchulain?

4. What does Cuchulain pray for Morrigan?

5. How does Medb react to Fedelm's prophecy of a bloody battle?

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