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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Head-Place of Ferchu | Mann's Fight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Ailill and Medb talking about as they lie in their bed?
(a) Their wealth.
(b) Their health.
(c) That Medb did not get along with her father.
(d) That Ailill was a king before he married Medb.

2. What does Cuchulain do to the three MacArach men?
(a) Decapitates them.
(b) Throws them into a pit.
(c) Laughs at them and rides off.
(d) Marches them off to his camp.

3. What is one of the bull of Cooley's special powers?
(a) He can speak.
(b) He breeds with heifers who give birth the next day.
(c) He is so large he can kill three men with one step.
(d) He breeds with heifers who always have twins.

4. What does the spy find out?
(a) Medb and Fergus are having an affair.
(b) Medb has disappeared with the soldiers.
(c) Medb is very discouraged and is planning a new strategy.
(d) Medb believes Ailill has turned against her.

5. What does Cuchulain do each night?
(a) Kill one hundred of the Irish.
(b) Steal the Irish livestock.
(c) Tell stories and poems of his great victories.
(d) Set fires around the camps of the Irish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of Cuchulain's anger fit?

2. Why was Cyr chosen to fight Cuchulain?

3. What fraction of the Irish army survives Cuchulain's rage?

4. The stories about Cuchulain show that he has amazing abilities but he also has a flaw. What is it?

5. What does the narrator tell the reader at the end of "The Foretelling"?

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