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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Slaying of Ferbaeth | The Combat of Larini MacNois.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the king decide to recognize young Cuchulain as a great warrior?
(a) If he doesn't, Cuchulain has threatened to kill him.
(b) If he doesn't, Cuchulain's father will take his land.
(c) If he doesn't, Cuchulain will kill all the boys in the kingdom.
(d) If he doesn't, Cuchulain will kill his livestock.

2. Medb and Ailill split into two groups. What does Ailill then do?
(a) He gets lost on the unfamiliar road.
(b) He stops and camps for a while because he is ill.
(c) He sends a spy to see what Medb and Fergus are doing.
(d) He ambushes a group of Cuchalain's men.

3. How does Cuchulain kill Mani, Medb and Ailill's son?
(a) He tricks him into retreating and his men kill him.
(b) He creates a flood and Mani drowns in it.
(c) He stabs him with his sword.
(d) He traps him in a wooded area and kills him.

4. Who decides to try to kill Cuchulain after the slaughter of the boy troop?
(a) Ailill.
(b) Medb.
(c) His half-brother.
(d) Six princes.

5. Why is Fergus chosen to be the spokesman with the powerful men of Ulster?
(a) He was an Ulster king himself before Conchobar drove him out.
(b) He has been an advisor to all the powerful men of Ulster.
(c) He is the only one who speaks their language well.
(d) He is Conchobar's brother and knows how to handle him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the bull of Cooley?

2. What does Medb offer Cuchulain if he will stop killing her men?

3. Cuchulain had another name before he took the name Cuchulain. What was it?

4. What does Fergus get Cuchulain to agree to?

5. How did Uala die?

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