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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Combat of Munremar and Curoi | The Slaughter of the Boy Troop.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cuchulain do to the three MacArach men?
(a) Laughs at them and rides off.
(b) Decapitates them.
(c) Marches them off to his camp.
(d) Throws them into a pit.

2. What is the result of Finnabair's death?
(a) The truce is renewed with changes.
(b) Fergus goes over to Cuchulain's side.
(c) Medb offers Cuchulain one of her daughters as a bride.
(d) Ailill and Medb agree there will be no truce with Cuchulain.

3. What does Forgemen do?
(a) He negotiates everything between Medb and Cuchulain.
(b) He makes sure the armor is ready for the Irish fighters.
(c) He takes care of the other cattle of Cooley.
(d) He takes care of the great bull of Cooley.

4. What does Ailill do about the marching boys of Ulster?
(a) He sends his own men to destroy them.
(b) He takes them all prisoner.
(c) He makes them into slaves.
(d) He ignores them - they are just kids.

5. At the age of five, how does Cuchulain show he has special abilities?
(a) He can lift three times his weight.
(b) He fought off 150 other boys with his bare hands and toys.
(c) He helps Conchobar with his battle strategy.
(d) He can memorize his lessons in only minutes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Finnabair killed?

2. How does Cuchulain kill Mani, Medb and Ailill's son?

3. What is Cuchulain doing while the men of Ireland are tunneling?

4. The stories about Cuchulain show that he has amazing abilities but he also has a flaw. What is it?

5. Medb and Ailill split into two groups. What does Ailill then do?

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