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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Harrying of Cooley | The Proposals.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cuchulain do to the three MacArach men?
(a) Marches them off to his camp.
(b) Throws them into a pit.
(c) Decapitates them.
(d) Laughs at them and rides off.

2. Why was Medb a powerful person in her own right?
(a) She had made some excellent investments.
(b) She was a warrior queen.
(c) She was a favorite daughter of a high king of Ireland.
(d) She was the widow of an Irish king.

3. How does Medb react to Fedelm's prophecy of a bloody battle?
(a) She gives reasons why she isn't afraid of Conchobar.
(b) She says she doesn't trust Fedelm.
(c) She is very nervous and afraid.
(d) She tells Fedelm she doesn't believe in prophesies.

4. How does Cuchulain kill Medb's pet bird?
(a) He sends a cat after it.
(b) He throws a rock at it.
(c) He traps it with a net.
(d) With a slingshot.

5. Why were the men of Ireland waiting around for two weeks?
(a) They were waiting for supplies to arrive.
(b) They were deciding which men would be in each unit.
(c) They were training for battle.
(d) They were waiting for a sign to go into battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fedelm is a prophet. What is she doing when Medb meets her for the first time?

2. Why was it unusual that Cuchulain killed Lochi?

3. Medb and Ailill split into two groups. What does Ailill then do?

4. Cuchulain comes across one of the men of Ireland. What does he help him do?

5. What are the men of Ireland finally able to do after they finish the tunnel?

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