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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Finding of the Bull | The Death of Forgemen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The men of Ireland set off to Ulster. When they get to Cooley, what do they do?
(a) Surround Cooley and just wait.
(b) Destroy all the villages in the area.
(c) Divide into groups and look for the bull.
(d) Raid Conchobar's castle.

2. What does Medb do as she makes her way through Ulster?
(a) Names all the places after herself.
(b) Steals everything she can.
(c) Kills everyone she comes across.
(d) Makes the men join her army.

3. Which of the following is not true about Cuchulain?
(a) He is a great warrior.
(b) He is a great speaker.
(c) He is considered a god.
(d) He is a teenager.

4. What does Cuchulain do to the three MacArach men?
(a) Marches them off to his camp.
(b) Laughs at them and rides off.
(c) Decapitates them.
(d) Throws them into a pit.

5. Who finds the bull of Cooley?
(a) Brede.
(b) Brian Boru.
(c) Birney.
(d) Buide.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cuchulain kill Medb's pet bird?

2. What does the spy find out?

3. When Medb met Cuchulain she scoffed at him. Why?

4. The Crutti Cainbilli were not ordinary men at all. What were they?

5. Fedelm is a prophet. What is she doing when Medb meets her for the first time?

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