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Objective: The Pillow Talk | The Occasion of the Tbin | The Rising-Out of the Men of Connacht at Cruachan Ai In these chapters, we get to know the characters of Medb and her husband Ailill. We realize that Medb wants to match the wealth of her husband, and needs to find a bull to match his. Ultimately, Medb must take the Bull of Cooley in a great battle. Her power means she can gather the men of Connaught at Cruachan. This lesson will discuss the concept of ambition.

1) Class discussion: How does the author use the interaction between Medb and Ailill in "Pillow Talk" and The Occasion of the Tbin" to introduce the theme (ambition) of the novel?

2) Paragraph Writing: In a paragraph, analyze how Medb's ambitions lead her from her stance in Chapter 1 to the gathering of the men, ready for battle, in Chapter 3?

3) Group discussion: Class...

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