The Cattle Raid of Cooley Fun Activities

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Coat of Arms

Create a coat of arms for one of the book's main characters. Include several items that reflect that person's character and accomplishments.


Write a haiku poem about Cuchulain.

Dreams that Predict

Write a paragraph about a dream you've had that might have (or really did) predict something that happened.

Telling the Future

Fortune tellers play a big part in ancient myths. If you were allowed to know three things that would happen 1) this week; 2) next year, and 3) in five years, what would you like to know and why? Make a chart for the three items.

Sacred Animals

Choose an animal and explain why its abilities and characteristics might have been considered sacred to ancient people.

A Short Play

Take a scene in the book and turn it into a short play with the characters speaking appropriate lines.

Overcoming Obstacles

The Battle of Cooley includes...

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