The Cattle Raid of Cooley Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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The Pillow Talk | The Occasion of the Tbin | The Rising-Out of the Men of Connacht at Cruachan Ai

• Medg and Ailill discuss how they became King and Queen of Cruachan.

• They talk about the fathers, sons, and daughters of the relatives they are discussing.

• Medb and Ailill compare their wealth.

• Ailill has a magnificent bull; Medb tries to find out where she can get one.

• Dari of Cooley has one and was willing to lend it to Medb.

• At a drunken feast, Medb's messenger says they would have taken the bull anyway.

• This leads to Dari backing down, and now Medb must take the bull by force.

• Medb and Ailill ask neighboring kings to send their men to Cruachan.

• The men wait at camp for two weeks, waiting for a sign to go into battle.

The Foretelling | This Is the Route of the Tbin | The March of the Host

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