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Short Answer Questions

1. What is malfunctioning in Elaine and Jon's apartment?

2. What time of year is it when Elaine has her art retrospective?

3. What color dress does Elaine wear for the gallery opening?

4. Where does Elaine go to meet her ex-husband?

5. How does Elaine think Cordelia might react to the article?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Elaine's feelings toward Cordelia.

1) Why does Elaine always think she sees Cordelia, wherever she goes?

2) How is the reality of meeting Cordelia different from Elaine's fantasies about meeting Cordelia, and why?

3) Does Elaine have a realistic idea of what Cordelia is like? In what ways is Elaine's perception of Cordelia flawed, and in what ways is it accurate?

4) What are Elaine's positive and negative feelings toward Cordelia? Are the two women friends? Have they ever been friends?

Essay Topic 2

The characters who hurt each other in the novel are those who are supposed to love each other. Discuss love, friendship, and betrayal in the novel.

1) Do Elaine and Cordelia ever have a friendship? Do they love each other? Why do they hurt each other?

2) Compare Elaine's relationships with Jon, Ben, Stephen, her parents, Cordelia, and Josef. What does love mean for Elaine in these different relationships?

Essay Topic 3

Elaine is drawn to religion but also rejects it. Discuss the importance and meaning of religion in the novel.

1) What is Grace's mother's attitude to religion? How do her values affect her children?

2) Why does Elaine choose hell over forgiving Grace's mother? How does she perceive God? Why does she seek out different churches as an adult?

3) Why does Elaine embrace the Virgin Mary as an alternative to God? What does the Virgin Mary that Elaine visits in Mexico mean to her?

4) What is the meaning of Elaine's vision of the Virgin Mary when she is in the icy ravine?

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