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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jon's note to Elaine under the mat say?

2. Where do Elaine and her friends watch the Christmas parade from?

3. What does Elaine notice about the boys and girls at Tortonto's shopping centers?

4. What adjective did people use to describe Toronto in the past?

5. How does Mrs. Smeath characterize the children's mistreatment of Elaine?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Elaine react to Jon's ex-girlfriend's anger?

2. How does Elaine react to the other girls' bullying?

3. How does Elaine feel when she visits the new school?

4. What does Elaine think of Ben when she first meets him?

5. What does Carol look like?

6. How does Elaine feel about the woman who models for her first nude female drawing?

7. What is Elaine's attitude about sleeping with her ex-husband, Jon?

8. Why doesn't Jon want to come to Elaine's art show?

9. How does Elaine feel about Carol, Cordelia, and Grace when she sees them everyday after she starts sixth grade?

10. Throughout the novel, who does Elaine think she sees in crowds or around town?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the culture of women in the book.

1) How does Elaine perceive other girls when she is young, before she has girl friends, and what is her perception of her first girl friends?

2) How does the culture of women in the book differ from the culture of men? How is Elaine a different person with women than with men?

3) How does Elaine interact with women as an adult, and how does this relate to her early experiences with other girls?

Essay Topic 2

Elaine is drawn to religion but also rejects it. Discuss the importance and meaning of religion in the novel.

1) What is Grace's mother's attitude to religion? How do her values affect her children?

2) Why does Elaine choose hell over forgiving Grace's mother? How does she perceive God? Why does she seek out different churches as an adult?

3) Why does Elaine embrace the Virgin Mary as an alternative to God? What does the Virgin Mary that Elaine visits in Mexico mean to her?

4) What is the meaning of Elaine's vision of the Virgin Mary when she is in the icy ravine?

Essay Topic 3

Elaine thinks about suicide and also tries to kill herself in the novel, just as Cordelia tries to kill herself. Discuss the role of suicide in the novel.

1) How do Elaine's thoughts of suicide when she is a young girl affect her? Where do they come from?

2) Why does Elaine try to kill herself when she's married to Jon? Why does she lie about her suicide attempt?

3) Why does Cordelia try to kill herself? Compare Cordelia's suicide attempt to Elaine's suicide attempt.

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