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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Elaine give the woman money?
(a) Yes, Elaine gives her money.
(b) No, Elaine says she can't spare any money.
(c) Yes, but then she takes it back.
(d) No, Elaine walks away without saying anything.

2. How does Cordelia feel when Elaine insults her?
(a) Amused.
(b) Challenged.
(c) Proud.
(d) Hurt.

3. Who killed Stephen?
(a) Terrorists.
(b) Himself.
(c) His wife.
(d) A frightened stranger.

4. What does Elaine tell Jon, when he accuses her of still sleeping with other men?
(a) That she doesn't want anyone else.
(b) That she doesn't have time.
(c) That she isn't attractive to anyone else.
(d) That she has forgotten how to love anyone.

5. Is Elaine's ex-husband on time?
(a) Yes, he is early.
(b) Yes, he is exactly on time.
(c) No, he is late and doesn't apologize.
(d) No, he is late and apologizes.

6. What does the angry woman at the art show throw at Elaine's paintings?
(a) Ink.
(b) Blood.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Turpentine.

7. Where does Elaine go to meet her ex-husband?
(a) A theater.
(b) His apartment.
(c) The gallery.
(d) A restaurant.

8. What type of clothes does Elaine wear in college?
(a) T-shirts and a long, leather jacket.
(b) Short skirts and revealing tops.
(c) Black turtlenecks and jeans.
(d) White flowing dresses.

9. What does the Middle Eastern woman ask Elaine for money for?
(a) A place to stay.
(b) To buy a bus ticket.
(c) To feed her children.
(d) To buy cigarettes.

10. Why is Cordelia in Elaine's class in high school?
(a) She had to leave school for a year because she was sick.
(b) She ran away from home for a year.
(c) She failed her first year and was expelled from her school.
(d) She went to Europe for a year with her mother.

11. Who finds Elaine after her suicide attempt?
(a) A delivery man.
(b) The doorman.
(c) Jon.
(d) The apartment manager.

12. How does Elaine feel when she leaves the retrospective for the studio?
(a) Bottomless.
(b) Drunk.
(c) Alive.
(d) Manic.

13. Where does Elaine live while she's attending college?
(a) In a dorm.
(b) In a sorority house.
(c) In a shared apartment.
(d) At home.

14. What does Jon call Elaine?
(a) Pal.
(b) Buddy.
(c) Dude.
(d) Man.

15. Who does Elaine think the angry woman is at first?
(a) Susie.
(b) Grace.
(c) Carol.
(d) Cordelia.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elaine actually feel when she finally sees Cordelia at the rest home?

2. What does Elaine's therapist accuse her of?

3. Who does Elaine think of seeing, when she goes to meet the attendees at the art retrospective?

4. What is different about Elaine's sixth grade school?

5. What happens to the bridge over the ravine?

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