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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elaine's mother talk about?
(a) Stephen as a young child.
(b) Stephen's death.
(c) Stephen as a teenager.
(d) Stephen as a grown man.

2. What does Elaine do with her old toys and childhood things?
(a) Gives them away to charity.
(b) Burns them in a bonfire.
(c) Sells them at a garage sale.
(d) Packs them up in the basement.

3. How does Cordelia look when Elaine visits her after Cordelia moves?
(a) Scared but strong.
(b) Tired but happy.
(c) Pale and unwell.
(d) Happy and healthy.

4. What incident does Elaine claim not to remember?
(a) Her friends trapping her in the hole.
(b) Cordelia running away.
(c) Her friends leaving her outside to freeze.
(d) Her friends abusing her at the Christmas parade.

5. What does Cordelia do after she runs away from home?
(a) Starts sitting in on classes at Elaine's college.
(b) Gets married to one of Elaine's classmates.
(c) Gets a job on a cruise ship.
(d) Joins the Stratford Shakespearean festival.

6. Where does Charna ask Elaine to go?
(a) Upstairs.
(b) To the back office.
(c) To a corner deli.
(d) Outside.

7. What is different about Elaine's sixth grade school?
(a) The school lets students direct their own learning.
(b) The boys and girls aren't separate.
(c) Elaine isn't in a class with Carol anymore.
(d) There is no playground.

8. What type of clothes does Elaine wear in college?
(a) White flowing dresses.
(b) Short skirts and revealing tops.
(c) T-shirts and a long, leather jacket.
(d) Black turtlenecks and jeans.

9. What does Elaine find, after Susie calls her urgently for help?
(a) Susie has gotten drunk and hurt herself accidentally.
(b) Susie has tried to kill herself.
(c) Susie has been injured by Josef.
(d) Susie has hurt herself trying to give herself an abortion.

10. What is the name of Elaine's painting about women who hurt themselves by falling on men they love?
(a) Falling for Men.
(b) Falling Women.
(c) Falling for You.
(d) Love Falls.

11. Does Josef want to keep his affair with Elaine a secret?
(a) No, but he agrees to keep it secret for Elaine's sake.
(b) No, he tells other professors about it.
(c) Yes, he tells her not to tell Susie.
(d) Yes, he tells her not to tell his wife.

12. Where does Elaine's brother Stephen go to school?
(a) With a private tutor.
(b) At an arts academy.
(c) At a private advanced school.
(d) At Elaine and Cordelia's school.

13. How does Elaine try to kill herself?
(a) By slitting her wrists.
(b) By locking herself in a running car.
(c) By shooting herself.
(d) By hanging herself.

14. What does Elaine try to tell herself about Cordelia after the art retrospective?
(a) That Cordelia doesn't matter.
(b) That Cordelia is invisible.
(c) That Cordelia is dead.
(d) That Cordelia is everywhere.

15. When Cordelia was young, what did she drink to avoid school?
(a) Vinegar.
(b) Acid.
(c) Mercury.
(d) Oil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Elaine think the angry woman is at first?

2. Where does Elaine go to meet her ex-husband?

3. What is malfunctioning in Elaine and Jon's apartment?

4. What makes boys feel uneasy with Cordelia?

5. What old route does Elaine walk?

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