Cat's Eye Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the narrator think happens to things that are past?

The narrator believes that things in the past are always there, even if you can't remember them, like something hidden beneath the surface of a pool of water.

2. How does the narrator seem to feel about Cordelia during the first chapter of the novel?

The narrator seems to remember Cordelia with bitterness and anger. Although the narrator believes she'd lie about herself to make herself look better, indicating that maybe she cares about Cordelia's opinion, the narrator also hopes to see Cordelia suffering.

3. What does the narrator imagine Cordelia inside of?

The narrator imagines going to see Cordelia with Cordelia inside of an iron lung, where she cannot move or speak.

4. What is the condition of the city where the narrator used to get off the streetcar, compared to how the narrator remembers it?

The city has been restored, and the buildings are more affluent with brass trim and neon lights.

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