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Portrait of Cordelia

Make a picture or montage that you think Elaine might paint of Cordelia. Explain the different elements in your portrait.

A Future Meeting of Elaine and Cordelia

Three years in the future, Elaine and Cordelia meet again. Write a short story of their meeting.

A Message from the Future

Choose a character in the book, and write a short scene where the character's adult self comes back and talks to his or herself as a child. What advice would he/she give? How would the child-self react?

A Poem of Time

Write a poem describing Elaine's view of time.

A Letter to Jon

Write a letter from Elaine to her ex-husband Jon, explaining how she feels about him and about their relationship.

A Past and Present Place

Choose an important place in the story (such as the bridge, ravine, or school), and draw or illustrate...

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