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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the structure of the book and its use of flashbacks.

1) Why did the author choose this particular present time to anchor the flashbacks?

2) What purpose do the flashbacks serve, and how would this book be different if it were told chronologically?

3) How does the past intrude into the present time for Elaine, and how does that compare to the reader's experience of the flashbacks?

4) Why are the flashbacks presented in the order that they are?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the significance of Elaine's art retrospective.

1) How does the art retrospective make Elaine look back on her life? How is her artwork related to the progression of her life?

2) How does Elaine feel about the art retrospective, and why does she feel this way? How does she feel about her paintings and about her career as an artist?

3) Why does Elaine want her pictures presented chronologically?

Essay Topic 3

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